Grossmont College Mission:
Grossmont College is committed to providing an exceptional learning environment that enables diverse individuals to pursue their hopes, dreams, and full potential, and to developing enlightened leaders and thoughtful citizens for local and global communities.

Our mission is fulfilled by providing the people of East San Diego County with:

  • Transfer degrees and certificates programs
  • Career technical education and workforce development
  • Basic skills
  • Student support services that promote student access and achievement
  • Community education

Grossmont College Athletics Mission:
At Grossmont College, the mission of Athletics is to provide the opportunity for student-athletes to achieve personal excellence in both academics and athletics. The Department is committed to a competitive program that serves the interest of the student body and encompasses the educational philosophy and ethical values of the institution. The Department will demonstrate responsibility by complying with standards set by the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA), the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference (PCAC), the Southern California Football Association (SCFA) and other governing associations. Additionally, the actions of the Athletic Department will support the expressed Mission, Values, and overall objectives of Grossmont College.

Grossmont College Athletics Philosophy Statement:
Athletics at Grossmont College is a form of education through intense physical training, activities, and competition; all of which are with full regard to values of fair play, teamwork, human growth and physical development. Athletics is a facet of the total educational programs offered at Grossmont College. Therefore, the Athletic Department strives for the same goals that give purpose to all the other learning experiences of the college and the development of students as responsible and contributing members of our community and global society.

Coaches have the responsibility to represent the educational values and standards of the college in all activities. Coaches will select and organize learning activities and opportunities that are consistent with the policies and practices of Grossmont College in the development and refinement of the specific skills relevant to their sports. The responsibility for implementing and operating these programs lies with the leadership and direction of the athletic director, chair of Exercise Science and senior management.

The Athletic Department will reflect the philosophy, objectives and practices of the college. Athletics is an integral part of the overall college educational program, welcoming and encouraging the opportunity for full participation.

With 17 sports teams offered, we've had our share of success including numerous team and individual national championships, conference championships and All-American selections. Student-athletes have competed as Griffins since 1961.

Griffin Championships

Acting Associate Dean of Athletics: Nedra Brown
Current Number of Sports Teams: 17 (7 Men, 10 Women)
Official Colors: Green, Gold
Official Mascot: Griffins
Conference: Pacific Coast Athletic Conference
Conference for Football: Southern California Football Association - Southern League
Average Number of Student-Athletes per Semester: 145

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